Instructional Learning Design and Experience

AVHEC provides quality learning and teaching materials contextualised for your organisation. Increase your student retention through engaging learning experiences.

Resources have an enormous influence on not only how compliant your organisation is, but also the quality of the student learning experience.

Be equipped with engaging and compliant resources

At AVHEC we understand that instructional design is at the heart of how people will experience a course. With this in mind, we strive to only produce quality academic materials that will satisfy the expectations of both regulators and students.

With AVHEC’s input, you can offer learning materials that engage students and encourage higher completion rates.

From business, leadership and project management to early childhood education, AVHEC is experienced in creating quality resources for a range of fields and at any level of the AQF.

At AVHEC, we understand the need to have quality learning and assessment resources that work best with the individual approach that your organisation takes to educating students.

Have quality video resources to offer your students

AVHEC can help your organisation produce engaging video content. Students increasingly expect to be able to view their learning content as videos. However, at AVHEC we understand that creating video content often isn’t easy. When it comes to online learning, students expect videos. Videos are an important way of communicating key learning concepts and making studying online more engaging.

Take the stress and hassle out of making videos.From writing custom scripts to organising filming and providing finished videos, AVHEC can deliver inviting video content delivered by experts in the subject matter area.

With great video resources, your organisation cannot only meet students’ expectations, but also stand out from your competitors. Having a great online learning experience is no longer an optional extra; students now expect educational institutions to provide them with attractive and easy to use learning platforms.

With AVHEC, you can take the stress out of producing video learning content. AVHEC can help with the end-to-end production of video creation including:

  • Writing engaging scripts
  • Finding expert presenters and talent
  • Shooting quality videos filmed on green screen
  • Producing animations and graphics to appear in videos
  • Managing the production of final video assets
  • Recommending how videos are integrated with your learning platforms

Improve your student learning experience

AVHEC can help you review the experience students have when they use your Learning Management System (LMS). This includes Moodle, Canvas and many more.

By completing a UX audit, AVHEC can provide you with advice on aspects such as:

  • How easy your LMS is to navigate
  • How logical is the structure of your LMS
  • How well your organisation uses different types of learning formats within the LMS
  • How engaging the LMS experience is for online students
  • How engaging the LMS experience is for students who study in a blended mode involving some online and some face-to-face teaching

You’ll gain practical insights on quick wins you can take to make your LMS more appealing. AVHEC can also help you to plan for the longer term, with recommendations and project plans on how to significantly transform your LMS experience.

Gain contextualised materials

AVHEC can work with you to understand your unique needs. We can then customise and contextualise resources to the requirements of your vision and your course/unit learning outcomes.

Gain customised and contextualised materials that:

  • Feature case studies under which students must demonstrate their skills and knowledge through their assessment outcome
  • Offer the ability to apply assessments to students’ workplaces
  • Relate learning activities to the industries that your students are familiar with

We provide:

  • Instructional design and subject matter advice
  • A range of LMS support and training, including Moodle and Canvas
  • Learning design in Articulate Storyline
  • Contextualisation of resources
  • Learning journey design
  • Blueprint design for learning experiences

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