ASQA/TEQSA Audits and Site Visits

AVHEC is experienced in successfully navigating ASQA/TEQSA audits and regulatory processes. Understanding the compliance requirements set by regulators is crucial for the long-term success of your business. Regulatory requirements are not always easy and straightforward to understand.

Whether you’re wanting to re-register your organisation, re-accredit a course or add a course to your registration, we are here to help you navigate through the often-complex situation. By partnering with AVHEC you can maximise your chances of receiving a successful outcome.

Be confident in the information and evidence you prepare

AVHEC can help you prepare information and evidence that shows how your business:

  • Is meeting its obligations to students
  • Has an effective governance structure
  • Complies with required standards
  • Has effective administration processes including thorough validation
  • Delivers quality education

Helping you achieve a positive outcome

We can assist with:

  • Project Management of audit processes
  • Resource planning
  • Advisory services
  • ASQA/TEQSA expert advice
  • Policy and procedure review
  • Quality framework development
  • Providing subject matter experts

Need help with audits or site visits?

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